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Custom Metal Fabrication
Our Z-Panel forming machine. It is used to make metal standing seam panels at exact length for specific projects. Cuts down on waste and makes the roof look a little sharper with no trimming involved. Hasheider Roofing and Siding Images
Hasheider Roofing and Siding specializes in custom metal fabrication using a CNC 16 gauge folding machine. This allows us to create custom metal trim, flashings and more for any type of trade.

What is metal fabrication
Metal fabrication is the process of creating a metal object custom designed to your home.

Some of the raw materials used are:
  • Plate Metal
  • Pre-Formed and expanded metal
  • Welding Wire
  • Fittings and Castings
To begin, these raw materials need to be cut to the correct size. This is done with tools like a special band saw or with cutting torches.

Metal colors can then be formed using dies. Tube bending machines and rolling machines are also used to bend and make round sections of metal.

Parts are welded together, and then after cooling the machine or structure is usually sandblasted and painted. This final product is thoroughly inspected before it is installed on a customers home.
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